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Changing the Narrative

Feature Documentary


Five local champions fighting the phenomenon behind the recent years of racial strife.

An insipid American myth, the “model minority, creates a false dichotomy of “good minorities” and “bad minorities.” “Other” is a feature documentary filmed in cinema veritae that follows five heroes-one Latinx, one Black, one Asian, one Indigenous and one White-working side by side to dismantle this myth.

It is the centerpiece of a campaign for racial understanding, historical revelations, and unity.

Art Collection

See the Elephant

A firstever art collection that elevates the resilience of families.

It's an intimate, vulnerable window of children becoming parents and parents becoming children told through the prints, paintings, and words of award-winning and notable photojournalists and writers.

Launching the “See the Elephant” collection is an intentional elevation of how foundational family values get honed.

Feature Documentary

Hidden Wounds

How do you face what you can't see?

This powerful documentary provides a new window into mental wellness. This is an important community conversation on what it means to create and maintain emotional health. This film is the follow up from the team that created “Sky Blossom,” the most widely distributed documentary of 2021.

It features three families, of journalist Richard Lui as he cares for his father with Alzheimers, of a veteran with PTSD, and of a mother and veteran who has cancer.

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5Ds of Bystander Intervention

A Disney creator shows how to standup for those in trouble.

Award-winning Disney creator Davy Liu transforms proven training techniques of “bystander intervention” (from Right to Be) into a series of modern animated classics. This unprecedented animated series fuels a campaign to equip people with tools to safely intervene when harassment happens.

The animated format takes a challenging thing to do and helps to make it doable. In collaboration with Right to Be (formerly Hollaback!), AARP, and Asian Americans Advancing Justice.

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Original Research

What's Unsaid about Race at Work

How Leaders Can Improve Understanding on Race Inside and Outside Their Businesses.

Original research investigating employee views after the Atlanta Spa Shootings and George Floyd verdict shook AAPI and Black communities. Study explores how internal inclusion programs impact views both inside and outside businesses. Research is from author and journalist Richard Lui with AAPI Data and Prisca.

Conducted by Dr. Karthick Ramakrishnan and Dr. Pelin Kesebir on the Momentive platform. The first of its kind survey creates an opening for companies to lean-in on racial cohesion and healing inside and outside their organizations.


Enough About Me

Part “anti-self” self-help book, Part memoir.

What if your path to a more successful, healthy, and satisfying life is actually not about you? What if it's about the age old Golden Rule of selflessness? News anchor and journalist Richard Lui has a new take on an old idea, with the latest research that proves what our guts have always said, “Put others first,” does have a modern twist to it.

In his bestsller book, Lui shares mistakes in his career and life that led him to take on the subject.

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Feature Documentary

Sky Blossom

The year's most widely distributed documentary film.

A new picture of family caregivers in America, now numbering over 50 million people. This film, formed around the multi-year stories of children taking care of family members living with disabilities, surprises, delights, and breaks your heart.

At 30+ film festivals nationally, “Sky Blossom” has launched a fresh conversation, opened space for action and helped launch legislative initiatives to support young caregivers.

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About Prisca

Unique Interdisciplinary Engineering of Narrative Change

A non-profit media company founded by leaders who truly understand how to build businesses and nonprofits, in culture, process, and product. Prisca energizes organizations efforts to affect the culture change. Prisca partners with companies to revolutionize the social narratives to make that change.

Prisca was formed in 2017 by Peabody and DuPont award-winning journalist and community championRichard Lui. At CNN Worldwide, Lui became the first Asian American male to anchor a daily, national cable news show, this after a 15-year business career working at Fortune 500 companies.

Global Access

Prisca revolutionizes narratives by creating world-class content - documentaries, books, trainings, educational material and original research-that open eyes, fuel productive debate, and create practical solutions. The groups it focuses on - the “under-understood” - including those who are often on the margins because of race, class, health, geography, age and military service.

Acess to the world's top organizations and leaders in politics, business, non-profit, NGO, academia, and government - this is what grounds Prisca's work. From the years of conversations and annual participation in each of these vertical's communities cannot be replaced by occasional participation. Prisca is borne from access to the biggest and the smallest of relationships over decades.


Prisca's DNA comes from 25 years of non-partisan, journalistic work for the world's largest news brands (CNN Worldwide, NBC News, ChannelNews Asia), working across the United States, Asia, Europe, Africa, and South America. Prisca's team has won Emmy, Peabody, Academy of Arts and Sciences, Grammy, and other national media awards.

The depth of Prisca's experience revolves around transparent, fact-based, and contextual narratives. It thrives in the real-time tension of the day, having to cover the basics--who, what, where, when, why, how - in dynamic and engaging ways, while still being ready for national TV at 7pm or Instagram at lunch.

Diversified Business Roots

A distinguishing characteristic of Prisca is its corporate strategy, fintech, marketing, and startup underpinnings. Richard Lui's two decades of Fortune 500 experience allows Prisca to mix narrative objectives with standard business practices of Harvard Business cases, Citibank, and McKinsey. With experience across all industries, from retirement to banking, healthcare to automotive, education to grocery, and more. A rare mix that gets to desired organizational outcomes for projects of all types.

  • 50+ and Generations
  • Asian American
  • Black/African American
  • Disabilities and Caregiving
  • Geographic Inclusion
  • Latino American
  • LGBTQ+
  • Military and Veteran Families
  • Native American
  • Religious Inclusion
  • Women and Gender Equity

Prisca DNA

Working with Prisca means working with 20 years of personal commitment and purposeful work on 11 DNA horizontals across the mainstream. Click on each project to see how.

  • 50+ and Generations
  • Asian American
  • Black/African American
  • Disabilities and Caregiving
  • Geographic Inclusion
  • Latino American
  • LGBTQ+
  • Military and Veteran Families
  • Native American
  • Religious Inclusion
  • Women and Gender Equity

Sky Blossom


Enough About Me


Hidden Wounds


What's Unsaid About Race at Work


5Ds of Bystander Intervention


See the Elephant



Last-Mile Specialists

Change narrative campaigns can be trees in the forest. Prisca's last mile experience means millions of viewers can see the stories we work on with our partners.

Last Mile of Storytelling

Because of Prisca's journalistic roots, its narrative culture is built ontellingstories, not just building them.Tellingstories is the last mile - where the rubber hits the road and where real-time, face-to-face feedback happens between storyteller and story consumer.

Journalists as a practice are upfront face-to-face with those who read or watch their stories. They get personal feedback via social, ratings, readership, and more.

They must own the words they use in a way that other forms of storytelling don't. There are builders of stories who aren't the ones interfacing directly with the customers.

This storyteliing “face-to-face” acumen fuels Prisca's ability to understand how to “work direct to output” in all production phases - last-mile expertise means first-mile efficiency. In short, evaluating first how people will talk about a story guides what to ideate at the start.

Last Mile of Distribution

Over the last five years, Prisca has been successful at crafting and telling meaningful stories as well as getting those stories out into the world.

Prisca's debut project,Sky Blossom, a documentary feature, was the most widely distributed documentary of 2021. Richard Lui's Award-winning bookEnough About Mewas a bestseller from HarperCollins Zondervan, seen on national network and cable channels across mainstream and alternate, specialized platforms, with wide adoption in business circles. Prisca's current documentary film projectsHidden Woundsand the5Dshave already received early buzz from philanthropic, government and business leaders.

The Name

Prisca is believed to be one of the earliest female authors, writers, and poets in human history. Recent research suggests she is the only woman to have authored a book in the Bible despite traditional claims all 40 authors were men. The name Prisca reflects our commitment to uplifting underrepresented narratives and storytellers of all backgrounds and origins.

Brands we've worked with

Long, transparent and soul-searching conversations lasting months and years define Prisca's partnerships.

There is a story behind each, of people in organizations who shared the need to revolutionze narratives so actions could be changed too.

Distribution Partners

  • Universal Pictures Distribution
  • AMC Theaters
  • HarperCollins / Zondervan
  • Universal Pictures Home Entertainment
  • Back Lot Music
  • Peacock
  • PBS
  • APT

Service and Advocacy

  • AARP


  • KIA Motors
  • NBCUniversal
  • Walmart
  • Verizon Media
  • Yahoo


  • Cigna
  • EMD Serono
  • Eisai
  • Seniorlink


  • Advancing Justice AAJC
  • Hollaback!


Since its founding in 2017, Prisca has operated as a not-for-profit with two major fiscal sponsors: theAsian American Journalists Associationand theElizabeth Dole Foundation, both nonpartisan 501(c)3s with decades of national service. This relationship will not change even as Prisca gains its own 501(c)3 status in Summer 2022.